Phoenix Fire Museum

The Phoenix Fire Museum is the restored building of the originally known Phoenix Volunteer Fire Company No. 6 where you can find historic artifacts and displays of old age horse-drawn steam engines and periodic motorized vehicles. If you are interested with history and antiquated stuff, you might want to share your interest with your family in this museum which has already existed since the 1800’s.

The history of the volunteer fire companies is exhibited on the second floor of the building. Admire the 19th century fire equipments, engines and steamers which the museum has accommodated a considerable extent of collection. The place was restored during the 1850s and was later established as a museum. Visit the place at 203 S. Claiborne St., Mobile, Alabama.

You  can call Phoenix Fire Museum at (251) 208-756 or visit them online for more information and other inquiries. Share your enthusiasm on history with your friends and family at the Phoenix Fire Museum, home of the 19th century fire equipments in Mobile.